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Life in General

This is where I discuss and take notes on what’s happening in my life in general. It could be anything from playing around with our cat to date night with my hubby. Anything goes.

Rambles and Musings

Rambles and Musings are just random bits and thoughts thrown in from the happenings of my daily life. Just things that occured or my own musings on the affairs of the world, or even just my own part of it.

Artwork and Projects

Art is something I like to create, whether it comes in the form of drawings, writing, or other means of crafting. It’s just something I can get passionate about and have fun with making.

I like to get to know people, trust first, give them a chance, and listen to their stories, then decide, are they an ass or someone who I can get along with?

Ciera Hoover

I’m somewhat blunt, prefer to be honest over telling lies, and I’d rather tell you to your face, then go behind your back. That’s how I am, I won’t change on that.

I don’t consider myself a mean person, just a person who can’t lie very well. If my words don’t say it, my face or expression sure will.

About Us

This blog is my own place where I can safely squeak out rambles about my own stubborn opinions, experiences, and thoughts on life.

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