Coffee Transparent Clip Art - Coffee Cup Clipart Png (1498x1743), Png DownloadStubbornBudgie, is a little slice of nonsense, where I can safely discuss Art, Game Development, Life in General, Spirit Work, Witchcraft, and what so ever else strikes my mood. I’m Female. Straight. 31 years old. Happily taken by and in a relationship with, hubby, Alden, Witch. Pagan. Artist/Blogger. & a Proud Cat mom.


The following are just a few of the services we offer:


These are my current projects, which include but aren’t limited to the creation of artwork, designs, comics, games such as visual novels, original stories, and more!


This is where I discuss books I’m currently reading, have read, or plan to read in the future. Feel free to join in with your own opinions of the books in the comments on these posts!


This is my place to ramble about a little bit of everything to do with my life, including life with our cat, a ginger male named Malley, humor and musings with my hubby, aka my husband Joel, and just some fun and sometimes serious things of my own. It could be on anything from a vent to a meme, to a possible talk about my own practice as a witch.


We like to work on a little bit of all of our passion for crafts, which includes the creating of artwork, games, original stories, and blogging about life as well as witchcraft. I have many hobbies and pursuits, which I plan to track here to share with the world. Life includes diversity and variety, as do our own individual lives, which makes life so much fun to explore!

Tell me your thoughts?

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