Happy birthday my sweetheart. We have gotten through another lifetime together. More than that, you have gotten through another lifetime with me. Thank you for putting up with me and thank you for staying with me. You are the most amazing person and have my heart and love for all eternity. I’m so happy we are spending our lives together. My other half. Just know that your everything to me and your precious because your alive and love me just as deeply as I love you. Teres Avhu forever Ciera.

Love you love ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😘❤️😍

Teres Avhu Alden. I love you so much hun and thank you!


song/vocals by @omgwitcherry – Ciera Hoover.

I both sang and wrote the lyrics of this song. This is the raw / rough draft, and my first attempt at figuring out it’s tune while singing it for the first time. Bear with me as I work on it more. Lyrics are below. 

The song is called. “Sweet Love”


  • Sweet Love
  • There’s something I just cannot place,
  • about the way you draw me closer,
  • It’s the way you hold my hand so tight,
  • in the way that makes every moment light.


  • Scent like a candy cane, mint in my mouth as I giggle away,
  • Twisting my hand, to pull me closer, as our bodies sway,
  • That gentle dance, as we sing along to the sound of our hearts.
  • moving along


  • Sweet Love
  • There’s something I just cannot place,
  • about the way you draw me closer,
  • It’s the way you hold my hand so tight,
  • in the way that makes every moment light.

Verse 2

  • You draw me in, then you let me go,
  • something missing but still I feel that glow.
  • There’s a bond we share, that you know is there.


  • Sweet Love
  • There’s something I just cannot place,
  • about the way you draw me closer,
  • It’s the way you hold my hand so much tighter,
  • in the way that makes every moment lighter.

Verse 3

  • Oh so lovely, is this maze we made, even as we carry on the days,
  • There’s something sweet yet soft about our joy,
  • being in love with this boy

Dedicated to: @shadowmooncat – My other half, Alden.

Tips for Those in Secret

Tips for those who need to be a bit more secretive about their witchcraft practice, or those who have to hide it.

  • Don’t be afraid to use regular notebooks and/or for your journals, book of shadows, grimoires, etc. Not only are they less suspicious, especially if you’re prone to writing or in school, they are less likely to draw attention if you keep them simple on the outside, or don’t label them as such. I used to fill in the first few pages with decoy notes, such as notes on math or other such things. Then fill in the rest as a grimoire or with other notes.
  • Want to have books of witchcraft but aren’t sure how to go about hiding them?  Having a small tote that isn’t see through helps or mix them in under regular books. Smaller totes can be stored under the bed or other places to keep them, until it’s safe to get them out.
  • Interested in Crystals? – You can somewhat avert attention to yourself, by either learning to make pendants or bracelets with the crystals incorporated into them (also a nice art craft as well) – or, if you’re into studying and science, try getting a crystal geology kit. Can be a nice way to learn about them, and still, avert attention. They’ll just think you’re into shiny things. Also, if you’re a bit of a green thumb, crystals can be worked into your garden. 
  • If you take the time to learn to sew, it’s possible to learn to sew hidden sigils into your clothes, or other items. This includes clothing, blankets, etc. 
  • If you want to burn candles but can’t, for any reason,there’s two options I’ve used. You can use either a nightlight or an electric candle, which can be turned off as needed. (You can use colored tapes, or paint, to decorate the holder of the bulb). – I personally would substitute popsicles or ice cubes for candles. Popsicles, along with the colors, also can have flavor correspondences. Ice cubes were used in place of for plain white candles. Since both can ‘melt’ , you can use them as an effective substitute. 

Shout out to @jasper-pagan-witch for the idea to make a post. <3

Tips for Making a Grimoire:

Just get started. No, seriously. There’s no time like the present and the more you put it off, the harder it will be to get motivated. Include History: the history of you, your coven (if you’re in one), how you got into your current path, etc. When something works, document it. – Include the intention of the spell, materials needed/used, instructions/words used with the spell, and the results. Also document when something DOESN’T work – it can be important to figure out where you went wrong. Start writing down the purpose of your spells. Make detailed notes on what you use. including substituted materials, if any, and why. Besides words or spoken things, note any gestures or movements as well. Also include the phase of the moon, if you’d like, or sun, time of day, and any spirits or deities present.

Ways to incorporate hair ties in witchcraft:

  • – Different colors can be worn and coordinated with your intent / affirmation or intended spell work for that day or moment.
  •  – Ribbons can be braided into your hair along with knot magic.
  •  – Bows can be made out of various patterns of fabric
  •  – or have sigils sewn on them. 
  •  – Can be incorporated as part of ritual cleansing / routine.
  •  – You can attach small items to them, such as a bell, small crystal or pendant, etc.

written by Ciera H.

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