I kept this big tin can that used to have like hot cocoa in it; and i filled it with stickers I’ve been buying /collecting for different moods. so now when I journal and such, i can either collage my emotions with stickers or do things like, put one i associate with the writing/emotion beside it or something. it also is great for like, when you’re trying to track your emotions or describe things. especially for when you’re trying to figure out what happened and when. i’ve gotten in the habit, of like time stamping my writing; even the handwritten things, so i know what day/time it was.

sometimes it helps just for inspiration too, when you want to write in general, but can’t get your thoughts together and need like a prompt or something to kick start

Offering Free Tarot readings


Please be sure to read over these notes and guidelines, as they act as my rules for the readings being offered. These are as well my general information for how my readings are set up and will be given.

General Notes:

  • These readings are offered for Free.
  • Anonymous asks will be always answered publicly.
  • These readings are ALWAYS open. – Send in your request at any time.
  • I answer my asks / reading requests in the order they are received.

The following rules apply:

  • The Limit is one question, per ask.
  • Yes, this means I will only answer one question at a time.
  • You can send in more then one ask.
  • If you want your ask replied to in private, you MUST say so when sending in your question for the reading.
  • If your ask is not noted as private when you ask, it will be answered publicly.
  • You must have a question to ask when you send in your request for a reading.
  • Only requests sent in as an ASK – will be given a tarot reading.
  • I will NOT accept reading requests via DM. (Personal / Direct messages)
  • Please don’t send in your birth sign/sun sign, etc in your ask.
  • Include your preferred pronouns (and those of any of anyone else you’re asking about) in your ask when you send it in.

Questions I will NOT answer:

  • Those requiring medical knowledge or inquiring about legal advice.
  • Any questions I consider inappropriate (ie. just generally those – not safe for work or sexually based.)


  • Please, give me feedback after you have your tarot reading, if you are able or comfortable. (This is NOT required, however.)
  • Once you receive a tarot reading – it will be considered answered.
  • Follow up questions are allowed.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to do a tarot reading if you’re rude or don’t follow my rules.


Ways to Support Authors:

Honestly it’s great to want to support authors, but if you don’t have it in your budget to buy the book or the ebook version directly, here’s some other ways you can still show support to authors:

– request a copy of the book at your local library, often libraries purchase their copies or have ones donated by the authors themselves

– if you have read a book, already, consider looking up ways to leave a review of your reading of it

– start up a book exchange with a group or friends, where you take turns sharing your existing books, or buying new ones to share.

written by @stubbornbudgie

“I’m a baby witch! What do I start learning?”


Here’s a quick-and-dirty list of things that I think sets up a good foundation for someone moving forward with magic work and why. They’re also in order of what I think is best approached first. (For a time reference, I recommend the whole thing taking at LEAST a year, but individual steps and overall length will vary in each person.)

  1. Learn basic magical theory. What is happening when you cast a spell? What is grounding? How do correspondences work? Why is X step or tool important? Learn about what it is you’re doing before diving into actual casting. Have a basic grip on how it works. 
  2. Some form of divination, even if it’s something as simple as a pendulum. Other people won’t always be there to help you answer questions, validate your interpretation of something, or offer direction. Having some form of divination under your belt helps you avoid dependency on other people. You can more easily answer your own questions, check your own intuition, and take matters into your own hands.
  3. Protection and Cleansing. No matter what path you go down or what type of magic you end up doing, these are two things that every magic worker needs to know how to do, and know how to do it well. They also tend to be fairly straightforward to learn. Cleanse your space, cleanse yourself, cleanse that object, cleanse your grandma. Then protect them. Learn how to set up wards and shields, which brings us to….
  4. Basic energy work. You’ve probably already run into it a lot by this point and it’s fine if you’ve already picked up some things. But now is the time to really focus on it and get comfortable with it. Learn how to confidently sense what’s around you and interact with it, fix gaps in your wards and shields, project your intent into things, you get the idea. Energy work will always be there in a pinch and requires no materials besides your body, and is extremely versatile. Plus, most paths really require at least a base-level understanding of it these days. Can’t hurt.
  5. Start honing your specific path. Here’s where the cookbooks, the old graveyards, the skulls on the shelf, the fairy figurines start really coming into play. If you have an idea of what sort of path you’d like to follow, start really getting into the meat of it! What does it look like? What are the first steps to that type of magic? If for now you’re still eclectic or aren’t sure, then just read what interests you or try more advanced general spells than you have so far.
  6. Go back and do it all again. That’s right. You can also put time into your path or your regular research, but go back and pick up those old books from step one. Read the old articles. Return to the basics and see how your views have become more nuanced, or how you disagree. What details flew over your head the first time? Can you pick up a new form of divination or try something new with your main form? Could those wards and shields be stronger? You get the idea. Once you’ve revisited it, you should have a really solid foundation that will help you no matter what direction you take next!

Other stuff to study on the side:
Local folklore, mythology, and types of spirits. You may not want to work with spirits, but sometimes spirits want to work with you! So it’s good to have an idea of what to do if they pop up. 
What plants grow in your area? What‘s edible? What is used in healing? 
What plants are NOT edible in your area? What’s poisonous?

If you think there’s another important step that you recommend that I didn’t include, feel free to add it! 🙂

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