Opening Up

Having a mental illness is an uncomfortable thing to handle as far as what you go through – when both before and after being diagnosed, initially, and the living with it afterwards. You’re expected when going through the process – of being “in treatment” – to not only suddenly be forthcoming with your issues butContinue reading “Opening Up”


Having depression and anxiety is living with your desire to cry, without too much provocation over the little things, for longer then you feel you should be, but also as needed, and then stressing over the fact you cried at all, and apologizing for how you appeared, without even realizing you never told them whyContinue reading “Sometimes…”

Tips for Those in Secret

Tips for those who need to be a bit more secretive about their witchcraft practice, or those who have to hide it. Don’t be afraid to use regular notebooks and/or for your journals, book of shadows, grimoires, etc. Not only are they less suspicious, especially if you’re prone to writing or in school, they are lessContinue reading “Tips for Those in Secret”

Tips for Making a Grimoire:

Just get started. No, seriously. There’s no time like the present and the more you put it off, the harder it will be to get motivated. Include History: the history of you, your coven (if you’re in one), how you got into your current path, etc. When something works, document it. – Include the intentionContinue reading “Tips for Making a Grimoire:”

Ways to incorporate hair ties in witchcraft:

– Different colors can be worn and coordinated with your intent / affirmation or intended spell work for that day or moment.  – Ribbons can be braided into your hair along with knot magic.  – Bows can be made out of various patterns of fabric  – or have sigils sewn on them.   – Can beContinue reading “Ways to incorporate hair ties in witchcraft:”

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