Since this fucking guy:

Has been front and center in every news article I’ve been reading, let me just reiterate something.

Norse Paganism has no room for fascists, nazis, Trumpers, alt-righters, Proud Boys, or whatever else they call themselves.

They are the lowest of the low, and Niddhogr will gnaw on their bones for all eternity.

He is a cowardly and foolish fanboy of the Viking Age, and an embarrassment to us all.

We don’t claim this vile piece of shit. He is NOT Heathenry. Hate and bigotry has absolutely no place in our spaces and it’s disgusting.

I can’t fucking get away from this guy. Everything that needs to be said has already been said. He does NOT represent Heathenry and we will never accept him.

I reblogged this without thinking twice, and… it’s not quite right.

Or, rather, the responses aren’t quite right.

He is unfortunately a part of Heathenism. So are others of his ilk. They are fringe, they are worthless, but they are a part of us – and a very vocal part.

We need to deal with our trash.

He might think he is…but I ask you this:

No matter what Gods he follows, how he chooses to worship, do you think they would be pleased?

Even Gods of Chaos, Strife and War have their standards. They do not tolerate fools readily.

This clown is an attention seeking buffoon who can’t seem to make up his mind whether he wants to be an extra in Vikings, Braveheart or some cheap 50’s style western.

Possibly unpopular opinion time, but it needs to be said.

I can not speak for the gods with any authority. The best I can do is say “this might be approved based on existing evidence and UPG” or “this would probably meet disapproval based on existing evidence and UPG”.

I believe that his actions and thoughts will be met with disapproval by the gods.

I also believe that we will receive the same disapproval if we continue to refuse to take responsibility. This is OUR problem. WE have allowed it to grow. WE have allowed it to prosper. We have to deal with OUR trash in OUR proverbial front yard before pointing to the weeds growing in the neighbor’s yard.

If we continue to refuse to acknowledge that this is our problem we will not be taking responsibility for the safety and protection of our homes, family, and beliefs (which is kind of a big deal in a lot of the existing stories). We will not be living up to the standards expected by our gods.

This person, and others like him, may be a fringe faction. But they are still what people see. It’s similar to the Westboro Baptist Church to Christianity or extremist jihadist cells to Islam. They are certainly not the majority – but people see it and associate it anyway.


I am in agreement with @valkyriesquad

Absolutely what @valkyriesquad said.

Tell me your thoughts?

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