Tip for meditation . stop trying to have an empty mind. That doesn’t usually work. At least not for me as an autistic person who also has intrusive thoughts. I’ve found it’s easier to get into the meditation..if you can instead..allow yourself to focus on an aspect of it. Such as a visualization if you’re able or a thought that interests you that connects with the meditation or outcome. Such as if trying to ground or calm yourself..for example. Allow a song to be your focus in your mind that relaxes you. Or something else. Or what not.. Focus on your body…such as your breathing. While trying to go into it.

Youre telling people to be lazy and not train their mind. Of course its going to be hard at first

The mind is like a muslce, the more you use it the stronger and easier it will get

Being able to control your thoughts is the most important aspect of meditation. It helps regulate your emotions, it can keep you cool and collected in a dangerous situation, and it helps with things like a.d.d & a.d.h.d

This is by far the worst advice on meditation I’ve ever seen

“Dont work guys let mommy and daddy do all the lifting, cooking, and cleaning cause its too hard to do yourself. Relax and enjoy life instead guys its easier and youll be happy”

Stop being lazy.

Excuse me? I think you are misunderstanding the post. Not a single part of it is telling anyone to be lazy, nor is it telling folks to not put effort into learning to meditate.

 I absolutely agree that the more you train to use your mind for meditation the easier it will get, and that being able to control your thoughts is also important. The whole point of this post is to give those who have trouble meditating or getting into meditation, due to trouble with their intrusive thoughts, or thoughts in general, some tips on how to focus on the meditation and said thoughts, with some means of doing so. 

In what way, does that make them lazy? Or me lazy for suggesting means of them finding a way to focus their thoughts to prepare to meditate at all?

Hot take but some witches are neurodivergent and can’t clear our minds like neurotypicals can. So @stubbornbudgie​ is in the right to give advice to those of us who can’t meditate like neurotypicals do.

Stay in your lane.

You’re both telling people to let their mind run free and focus on an intrusive thought to ‘relax’ aka comply and not put in the effort to suppress it.

So by put no effort into regualting their own thoughts, this makes one lazy. It will do the opposite of the intended effect in the long run

Something as little as not picking up something you dropped until later psychically programs one and this laziness bleeds over into every other aspect of life. You may not even notice it but it happens

Struggling with meditation is natural, advancment is always met with resistance but giving into it is not a way around it. Life is a struggle & thats just the way it is

Consistency and patients are the only way around this. Looking for shortcuts or easy ways out only harms one in the long run

Look at Icarus and Daedalus. Daedalus thought he could avoid the Minotaur and save his son by building him wings. Warning him to not fly too close to the sun Icarus did so anyway and he fell into the sea and drowned

What youre doing here is telling people to avoid the minotaur in their own personal labyrinth instead of facing it and reaping the rewards in the end & instead take your wings and not fly too close to the sun

Neorodivergency is things like bipolarism, adhd, add, autism. This is not an excuse to not work for this. If anything it is reason to work harder at it than the average person because your thoughts are more out of control.

Dont own your disability, especially if its managable. That is also psychically harmful

Again, y’all are missing the point. The post I made mentions nothing about not doing the work. I’m not encouraging any one else to be lazy. I’m literally offering ways for them to work on practicing with their focus so they can learn to not have their intrusive thoughts be a discouragement to them learning to meditate.

It is not harmful in any way because it can actually help you learn to get your focus off the intrusive thoughts, which in turn can help elsewhere, besides just during meditation.

Tell me your thoughts?

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