@/servantofthefates (explanation post is gone right now b/c Briar deactivated, but SOF made a transphobic post and Briar called it out.)

– @iputtheradinradfem (radfem)

@/thallata, deleted. my explanation post is attached. however since she deleted I have no problem explaining that she suddenly became an avid supporter of JK Rowling’s terrible transphobic manifesto and was not quiet about it.

@quitequietradfemaconita (radfem)

@feministclassicist (radfem)

@glitteras (radfem)

@thevaginamonoblogs (radfem)

@diariesofaspaceportlesbian (radfem)

@hallowqueen (both a supporter of cultural appropriation and a transphobe. literally all you have to do is check their blog. block and move on)

These next ones were grabbed from the notes of a post supporting trans, nb and male witches.

@diabetesnscoliosis (radfem)

– @piperspussyriots (radfem)

– @saintsinner-asstral (radfem)

– @pink-wig-sad-ass (radfem)

– @cactuswolf (radfem)

@mochigelato (radfem)

@radprotagonist (radfem)

@cinnnamilky (radfem)

@dirtydogface (radfem)

@insidiouswife (radfem)

@venzerky (radfem)

– @terfs-unite (radfem)

– @sunnytkm23 (radfem)

– @femme-radical (radfem)

– @thesinisterspinster (radfem)

@healingfields (radfem)

– @/rad-acina (radfem)

– @rude-radfem since y’all wanna like my posts and be an ass even though it’s clear I don’t want y’all interacting lmfao. (Radfem)

– @pagan-womyn other blog is @slayerr-of-tims (radfem)

– @blstckng

Keep coming out of the woodwork to find each other and I will continue to add you to the list and squash what feeling of safety you have. TERFs will not be allowed to speak in pagan and spiritual communities and make my friends feel unsafe and that is fucking final.

– @serbianradfem (radfem)

@eau-de-poussey (radfem)

– @boticelliraddi (radfem)

– @shed1nja (radfem)

@unseeliesidhe (radfem)

@wolf-claw (their blog is explanation enough – bio literally says “TERF friendly”)

@belladonnamythics (excuses and praises Lisa Laster and JK Rowling, among other problematic things, is a general bad person.)

@kerje-the-rad (self-described radical feminist and reblogs from TERFs, anti-Indigenous commentary as well on a post by spiritscraft)

@spirited-polytheist (just give their page a check, radfem)

@sealwomyn (radfem)

Urls from forthegloryofthetheoi’s post, link here. I just wanted to have them down somewhere else as well.

@aphrodite-aesthetics (radfem)

@harpysexual (radfem)

@vaginaowner (radfem)

@gardensandruins (radfem)

@radfemyukakoyamagish1 (radfem)

@tomato-man-hater (radfem)

@irate-badfem-harpy (radfem)

@blackswallowtailbutterfly (radfem)

– @tehbewilderness (radfem)

– @thentheysaidburnher (radfem)

@radgoblin (radfem)

@terven-hands (radfem)

@red-radfem (radfem)

@miss-terf (radfem)

@rad-sage (radfem)

@rad-maleficent (radfem)

– @certifiedwoman (radfem)

@priestesssappho (radfem)

@bullydyke (radfem)

– @swedepea-therevival (radfem)

– @/greek-mythographer (despite being told why its harmful, they continue to spread harmful rhetoric that can hurt POC in our communities. i want to stress – as its always implied for everyone else on the list because i would hope everyone is capable of not harassing other people, but this person IS A MINOR. do not send them any form of hate. leave them alone. just block them, because blacklisting is the only proactive thing to do.)

@solar–serenity is another, its really easy to find this stuff on their blog. honestly blacklisting people who agree with this rhetoric is very easy if you do it via notes, but this one used to have the person aboves post pinned so I felt they were important.

@alatismeni-theitsa You can check out her blog similarly; transparently she is Greek and while I address in one of my posts that she does have good input, ultimately the rhetoric she spreads is too harmful to ignore.

@venus-in-fur  found their blog. used to be @isterimia

@alrightsnaps​ is similarly another Greek person spreading harmful racist rhetoric.

The last person isn’t someone you can block, however I’m adding them for awareness.
@michi-izkur-ereshkigal i’ll attach the post from hellenic-reconstructionism and others that breaks down why everything they did was out of pocket, gross and wrong. I’m adding them for awareness of their behavior in case they ever choose to show their face again.

I’ll be updating the list as I can. This is 25 June 2020

Updated 26 June 2020

Updated 28 June 2020

Updated 30 June 2020

Updated 2 July 2020

Updated 5 July 2020

Updated 6 July 2020

Updated 9 July 2020

Updated 11 July 2020

Updated 30 July 2020

Updated 15 December 2020

Updated 4 January 2021

Updated 5 January 2021

Updated 11 January 2021

Updated 27 January 2021
Updated 29 January 2021
Updated 18 February 2021

Tell me your thoughts?

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