(Dragon Eater) Chapter 2 – The Changes


129 AE era.

The time of humans has nearly long vanished. In just a short twenty years, humans have nearly been wiped from the face of the world of Gaim (Gai-me). Small groups live on hidden from dragons being in dense forests, harsh deserts, or the coldest of ice lands. The small communities survive traveling from one place to another and splitting up, unsure if they shall see the other again.

Gaim is now four continents. The four continents are the lairs of the primary dominant species of dragon. Golna the lair of the Lord of Thunder Ozun lies in the far west. Ernt the lair of the Lord of Earth Surd lies in the far east. Deep south the continent of ice Cield (see-eeld) is the Lair of the Ice dragon Lord Prylah (Pri-la). North Lies the land of fire Avau, The Lord of Fire Mehtah (Me-ta) reins over the land.

The Four continents hold a regular human hunt near every year’s end. Each begins vastly hunting and killing as many as they can. These hunts have been a thing that humans dread every time they approach and now a new one is beginning to start again.

However… this one will change the fates of humans.. A being lost from years ago.. the last hope to even the odds is stirring.. spending years trying to break free of its prison in Surd it may get its help.

Surd: the continent of Ruins.  Gaim used to be one continent. A great war with humans started here, the first battle against dragons nearly a hundred years ago started on this land. The humans were easily able to sweep away the dragons with their vast technology.. for a time. An unknown thing happened.. Gaim was split into four continents by a Fallen Light From the sky. The light wiped out much of the humans and it destroyed their ability to use their powerful technology. Nearly weaponless and powerless the dragons took this as a sign from their god they were protected and destroyed humans, much worse they also ate them realizing they could heal themselves faster by doing so. This only pushed dragons to fight harder and destroy or eat everyone they could find. Thus the Time of the Fallen was set into play.

Now, time far after the Human Dragon Wars it is the Fallen Times and a small encampment has been made in a ruins hidden in the jungle undisturbed by dragons for some time. This encampment holds the start of destiny for one traveler, and the awakening for another.

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