[Dragon Eater] Chapter 3 – Discovery


Veering away from those in the village, a young woman strayed away along the banks of the swamps, keeping a wary eye out for critters and other lurkers, as she made her way along. Having finished her tasks a little early that day, she was taking a moment to search for some of the flowers that perked up among the lily pad of the swampy waters once in a while. She affixed two of such so far, braided them into her nearly silver-blonde hair, as she went along, tying them up with a scrap of cloth she used as a hair ribbon. She was dressed in mostly dark clothes and a green tunic, with a small roll of thin orange that tied around her waist as a cover and robe for the top. Satisfied with her find, she stood up and made her way to the forest, both to take a look around at the area and to explore a bit in her free time.

A small glow in the distance attracted her attention. More than that a glowing rock seemed to hum as if calling to her on the banks of the swamp.

She blinked, looking to the glow, but moved towards it, deciding to investigate as she made her way towards it.

The trail led her deeper in the woods to an abandoned trail-way. Ruins around her seemed to glow a light blue as she passed. What seemed like a gate was ahead of her. It creaked a bit opening surprising her. On the other side was a bright light far in the next room.

She shivered a bit as she looked at it with wide eyes. She was wary but her curiosity overcame her fear, as she ventured inside to the next room, wondering what was in there.

Inside the next room, a vast forest filled with mist and white light almost like a dream was around her. In the middle of the forest a field of flowers shined in the rays of light from the sky it was so bright she could barely see. Among the flowers, a boy was in the middle sleeping. Flowers grew over him hiding away his face a bit and most of himself.

She covered her eyes, shading them with her hands as she let them adjust to the sudden brightness. Her sight shifted to notice the sleeping figure. She took a few steps in their direction.

The figure lay motionless, except for a small noise of their sleeping, there was no movement. The flowers grew on him so tightly it was as if he were wrapped in a knitted blanket. More than that, his clothes were nearly tattered a bit except for a jacket. dust also settled on him with dirt. Whoever he was, he was sleeping here for a very long time.

She studied him a moment, getting a better look at the situation. “What in the world..?” She muttered quietly to herself, even as she felt compelled to try to wake them as she slowly reached toward their shoulder, trying to give it a few taps, almost as if to assure herself both that they were sleeping and real at the same time.

The figure glowed blue slightly from her touch then slowly rose up and looked to her. His eyes were a bit darkened as he looked around confused. “Mmmm?… what.. who… what’s going on..”

She yelped in surprise when he woke up, falling backward as she jumped back away from him. “_eepp! You woke up! I.. I.. don’t know who you are either, but you looked like you’d been asleep for a very long time!” she rambled a bit, in her confusion.

He looked around. “I hear a voice. I can hear you but um.. I’ve been asleep for a long time? That sounds like something I’d know but I don’t… I don’t even know where I am.. um.. why is it so dark..” He wiped his eyes a bit. “..no I still can’t see anything..”

She stood up, as he spoke and made her way in front of him. “I… I think you have. You were pretty much covered in dust and flowers…but wait, you said you can’t see?..” She thought for a moment. “My name is Lunar… I’m going to take a look at your eyes, okay?” she very gently placed her hand on his forehead and moved his bangs so she could get a clearer look, trying to see if something was in his eyes or wrong with them. “If it helps any… we’re in the swamps of Surd. That’s where you are… and what should I call you?”

A closer look upon his eyes revealed that they were discolored black, but did not seem to be permanent. It was as if the light had not come to them and slowly he carefully looked. “I.. I’m Asu.. and I’m starting to see better… I can see bits of shadows… ” He blinked. “Wait.. a swamp?.. and Surd?.. I don’t even know where I am… ” He yawned a bit. “All I can remember is my name and.. that I was told to sleep for a while by something…”

A voice came out in the distance. “Hey, Lunar! Where are you?” It seemed a small search party was looking for her.

Lunar nodded at this, pulling her hand away. “I’m glad that you’re starting to see.. and well met, Asu… I can gladly explain a bit and try to help you figure out things, but hear those other voices? I think my village is looking for me.. I’m going to yell out so they can find us.. and I think your sight will be okay, it seems like it’s just been too long that you were asleep..” She turned away a moment and called out to the search party. “I’m here. we’re over in here!”

The group headed towards her location walking forward then ran over to her. A group of archers, one young man stopped and looked at her. “Hey, there you are! The chief’s been looking for you. Were all gathering to move around to another spot in the- hmm?” He blinked looking to Asu. “Hmm? What have you found here? A kid?”

Lunar nodded. “The chief was looking for me? What for, Cross?” She nodded her head. “This is Asu… And, he seems a bit lost. His sight is coming back slowly too.”

Cross nodded. “Hmm? So, he can’t really see well? I see. If he is lost, he could have been abandoned here… It’s best we take him back to see the chief too.. ah right the chief wants you to pack up so we can move to another spot in the forest. He said something about feeling a stir again and is worried about dragons, but dragons haven’t found us since we found this place. I doubt that there are going to be any, anytime soon. Still, you know my father.. once he is set on something we all have to do it…”

Asu looked around a bit. “..um, sir..”

Cross looked to him. “Oh no, it’s not sir, it’s Cross, please. Cross Alban.” He held out his hand but blinked and pulled it back. “Ah, sorry, I guess you can’t see that.” He smiled sheepishly. “What’s up kid?”

Asu shook his head. “Um.. well I’d love to go with you but.. I’m kinda stuck.. see, I can’t feel my legs right now… They are stiff but they can move… it’s really odd.”

Cross blinked. “Stiff? Haha, I get it! You must have been asleep for a very long time, can’t move them? Alright then…” He reached for Asu and slowly picked him up lifting him on his back. “Here we go!”

Asu blinked. “Huh? O-oh that works.”

Cross looked to Lunar. “You ready to go back now?”

Lunar smiled a bit at this but nodded, a little worried for the reason for the move as it faded just as quickly. “I’m ready.. although I wonder what got him up to feeling like that. It’s been a while..”

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