Awakening, suddenly aware of being in a confined space, not a lot of room to move around in. The sensation of three objects, heavy, crystal like being placed into my hands. Their weight brings about the sense of an intense responsibility. I can feel their importance in the back of my mind, along with their power. I hide them in my pockets quickly, as I search the room around me. I find there’s a loose metal grate of sorts, on the bottom side of it. I yank it free with some effort, and pull it open, but when I look down, I get this intense feeling of heat, radiating from the room below. Beneath me is where he is being held. The fire dragon, scales of dark, bloody red, and eyes just as intense as the waves of power he gives off – along with the feeling of immense anger. His eyes soften a bit at the sight of me for some reason, whether curious or annoyed at my sudden presence, I can’t tell which. He scoffs at the very sight of me, and tells me, I shouldn’t even be here..

The winged ones, the ones we humans once considered, even once called, angels and demons, are at war with his own very kind, the ancient, elemental ones, the dragons. It’s been like this ever since they reappeared in the skies, the day the meteors fell and took out most of the human race. The dragons consider them invaders, protecting the territories of our world, that they still had claim to, that we never realized they were even still a part of, until the others attacked us all, enslaving those who remained…

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