Grimoires: Suggestion


Just an idea I had put into practice for myself :

– Keep two different grimoire sets.

o Set #1: “Personal Grimoires” – This is for information and knowledge of your own. This includes correspondences you feel appeal to you over time, personal natal charts or items lists, etc. Anything to do with you, your experiences, practice, and more. It should be relevant to you.

o Set #2: “Outside Sources” – These are copies or prints outs of others’ references. This includes saved posts from tumblr, blogs, online grimoires, books you’ve bought, written notes, – just generally things noted from other people in general. Stuff that didn’t originate from you. Name the sources – keep track of them along with what you write down. It can help you if the source giver proved useful later and you want to go find more. etc.

written by Ciera H. @roostowls

Tell me your thoughts?

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