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– I’ve been actively working on losing weight/getting healthier. iin recent years (along with under doctor’s advisement and all) – at my heaviest, I was like 495 lbs.. – I kind of am feeling very proud of my progress, so far and all, as just as of today, i weigh 215, and have dropped down like so many dress sizes since i began trying to do better. i’m down to like a 18 in pants/1 or 2 x in shirts. – i haven’t fit into those size clothes since high school… I am also really stoked, as a long time ago, I set myself a goal weight, just as like a motivation kind of thing, and I’m super close to reaching it. i’m like a little over 30 pounds away from reaching it. it’s been a tough journey to get to this point, and I really am like.. still wrestling a bit at the aftermath of not taking care for so long. but its also been a huge positive thing and is boosting how i feel emotionally too , along with the shadow work, and personal self care too, ive been working on. i kind of wanted to share the positive feeling of today so hence this share. lol, idk,  i’m just excited and happy.

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