Hello Dear! I’m ‘A’! I saw your post just at the time I wanted someone to do a tarot reading for me. Question: Can you please give me some hints about how the person that I’m going to marry will be like? Anything about them! (Characteristics/personality) I’m going through a very emotionally challenging time because of this so I hope you can help me🙏💜

Hello, A! 

  • Card that was drawn: Knight of Cups (position – reversed)
  • Deck used: Tarot Draconis

The Reading: 

Unexpectedly predictable and may even go unnoticed at first – as they blend so well into the daily life, that you may not pick up on things at first. Feels less like a breath of freshness and more like comfort, lingering, and warm. They make you feel how you should, but not how you’d expect. an honest person who might not sugar coat as much as you’d picture them to otherwise. Definitely a feel good or feel better sort of support who is reliable.


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