Hello. I hope your are well. May please have reading. I would ask how my career will be for 2021? Hope I asked correctly.Thank you. K.M 💙❤

Hello. I’m doing good, mainly getting caught up on posts and having a peaceful weekend. Yes, you can, and thank you for following the guidelines.

Tag @misskay2912 – Here is your reading, K.M  <3 

  • Tarot Deck used: Tarot Draconis
  • The Cards Drawn and positions: 1 of Cups (reversed)

The reading:

A bit on hold for the start, be cautious of opportunities that seem great but come at a cost. As long as your wary of the finer details of any offers, that will be coming your way, just make sure to pay attention and choose what suits your needs first, rather than the other way around. Don’t be narrow-minded, as you will likely count something out that will pay for itself in the long run. It may be an offer you wouldn’t have otherwise considered as being an option. Look for ways to put yourself out there, as it will attract more attention due to some new doors being opened due to timing. Mainly something about three, one of or connected to that on dates, for the when. 

Tell me your thoughts?

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