Hello 😁I’m currently in a relationship with someone and I want to know whether I should invest in this relationship. So basically I want to know whether this relationship will last. I’m sorry if this came off as rude or direct 😅 Please refer to me as GJ (She/Her)

Hello, GJ! No worries, you didn’t come off as rude, and thank you for following the guidelines.

  • Deck used: Tarot Draconis
  • The cards drawn and position: 6 of Pentacles (reversed)

The reading:

Short answer? Yes. It has the potential to last, but you’ll need to consider the other person, as well for this. Ask them questions, pay more attention to their reactions. Pay attention to their needs and wants with where things are, as they are, and where they have the potential to go. Don’t be afraid to get to know them, as they allow you to, but don’t be too rushed or pushy either. Learn to ease into things. There’s a sense of it not having been too long since you’ve been with them, with doubts overshadowing the good from bad past experiences Trust your instincts a little and give this one a fair chance. you need to take the steps to build things up and the freedom to exchange trust, not just from you but on their terms too.

Tell me your thoughts?

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