I feel Like an adult , Haha

I feel accomplished. – today I started spring cleaning of our apartment. It’s been really cluttered due the roof troubles, but I’ve managed to clear out and reorganize out bathroom, the main hallway, and most of the kitchen area so far. I’ve also folded and sorted our laundry into his and hers’ piles, in baskets, while putting the dirty ones in a third basket near the washer/dryer. Planning to buy more clothes hangers and clean out the closet to hang up laundry tomorrow. – for now i’m organizing and cleaning as best I can for the moment. also took the big shelves in our hallway, (theres four of them), took everything down and reorganized each shelf. and reorganized the three shelfs in the bathroom and cleaned the bathroom. Taking a break for now, but It’s feeling a lot more open and less dusty.

I feel like an adult xD haha

Tell me your thoughts?

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