I found this old photo of myself today. So, I wanted to share a little bit of my story/journey with you all, which is relative to this.

 Around the time this photo was taken, I was weighed around 415 lbs. It was also around mid – 2016. I had been actively trying to work on getting my weight back under control, by losing it by working on exercising and watching what I eat, while trying to get re-established with a doctor, and getting my mental health back in order too. 

Just for reference, at my worst, I was 495 lbs, a little before January 2015, so, I was already making some good progress at this point in time. Bear in mind, as a result of my weight gains, I had developed type 2 diabetes, among other issues, such as asthma complications and side effects, like my feet being swelled, to the point i could barely wear flip flops, let alone other shoes. So, for my personal health needs, losing weight has been an ongoing need.

To date, as of today, I’m happy to report that i’m down to 220 lbs at the moment and am continuing to work on it. I have gotten in to a primary care physician and am stable in mental health, have been for a while now. I’m also happy to report my diabetes is getting better, and i don’t have my feet swell anymore. Asthma is ongoing, but nowhere near as troublesome as it was. I only need an emergency inhaler now, instead of active meds. 

I’m proud of myself for continuing to better my health.

Tell me your thoughts?

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