I got tired of people clumping paganism and Wicca together as one umbrella thing so I made a Venn Diagram to express my disappointment.


Note: Neo-Wicca is the same as normal Wicca but it doesn’t require coven ties or adhering strictly to a single path.

I’m having a fucking stroke.

Okay wtf is your problem. It seems like you have a fucking problem with everything. Did you know that not every practice has to be the same. Not everyone has to believe that you do? Fuck off outta here

This is actually factually incorrect. Your anger/deflection is not accurate.

Neo Wicca and Wicca are 100% NOT the same. Neo Wicca is a hodge podge of bullshit pulled from every source imaginable mostly to sell teenagers shitty crystals.

Legitimate Wiccan traditions are initiatory, ceremonial traditions and SECRET, meaning their traditions and practices are SECRET to outsiders.

NeoWiccans CANNOT POSSIBLY be doing the same things Wiccans are because Wiccans aren’t sharing them. Full stop.

NeoWicca is a waterdown mess that varies from person to person.

This isn’t my opinion. This is literally fact.

The rest is very vague, and depending on what definition of Pagan we’re going with would change the right half of the graph but it’s sufficient to say that Pagans are actually nature based in general because other groups that fall under “Pagans” per ignorant definitions don’t actually LIKE being referred to as Pagan.

Where does it say anything about neo wiccanism???

You’re getting heated over something that’s not even mentioned here.

As someone who has followed druid beliefs, pagan beliefs, and Wiccan beliefs.





1. Magic is magic

2. Any belief whether “watered down” is still someone’s belief. Respect it.

3. Guess what? Wicca uses crystals as a conduit for magic (conduit means tool but it isn’t fully based on having said tool. They do use a blade that is sword to do no harm and is only used for whittling or carving)

4. Paganism has magic based on runes (i dont mean paganism as a whole is based on runic magic)

5. Shut up

6. Druids are just as hated by everyone as paganism, and Wiccans. (All went through some sort of genocide)

just because it’s someone ’s belief  – whether watered down or no, doesn’t make it right. neither wicca nor paganism are defined by the tools used, and druids are very much a belief/religion based system that involves initiation and being part of the group. and regardless of went through some sort of genocide or not, you do not compare one to another. 

Tell me your thoughts?

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