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hello everyone, i’m sloane <3

i’m 28. pronouns she/her. bisexual. polyamorous.

i’m new here, sort of. i’ve been away from the witchy/pagan tumblr scene for quite a while, and i’m starting out with norse paganism/heathenry for the first time. this new journey and a few other life events have prompted me to retire my original and insanely cluttered blog so i can be more focused with my goals and intentions both online and irl.

as such, i’m looking for new friends! if you’re interested in following me, my main intention for this blog is to be a journal and grimoire of sorts. i hope to move past the only-posting-pretty-photos phase here soon.

i intend to explore:

  • working with odin, freya, and possibly others
  • divination. i have experience with tarot but the runes are all new
  • crafting, such as jewelry making, sewing, embroidery and crochet. i apologize in advance for any crafting atrocities you may witness.
  • home and family based worship and witchery

you may also find:

  • book posts, both pagan research and regular
  • extremely limited fan related content. ghibli, wonder woman, w.i.t.c.h. and other girl-power media from my childhood. things like that.
  • you will find art, of various kinds.

if you have these or any adjacent interests i might like to follow you for, please let me know!

white supremacists and exclusionists of any kind need not apply

Tell me your thoughts?

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