Lost in Thoughts, But Found Again

There’s times when your mind isn’t silent, but you’re sitting in silence regardless. Lost in your mind, as it swirls like ink in the water, smoke – like, clouded, and yet separate inside. It’s like you missed your alarm and slept in, this mind is a house I’m trapped in, full and yet empty, but this is where you’re questioning and yet full of answers to this siren song. How the spinning words linger and yet when I remember to listen instead to your tone, your presence, it grounds me, centers me, and draws me out of my head. It reminds me of the laughter, rather then the questions, makes me focus on the smiles and that we choose our own directions. There’s no set paths but the ones we make for ourselves and together, at that, and it’s you who helps me fight against the silence.

Tell me your thoughts?

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