Just a reminder: Heathenry does have a term for smoke-cleansing.

Recaning. To recan. (Or reocan, in Old West Saxon.) This is cleansing via smoke, whether through incense or a bundle of herbs put together for a particular type of cleansing. Juniper and mugwort are both favorites for this.

In case you’re wondering how to pronounce it, it sounds like reekening. The word “reeks” is actually derived from it, signifying a potent smell.

For Old Norse fans, this seems to be related to the work reykr. In case you were wondering, Reykjavik in Iceland translates to “Smoky Bay”.

*dances around the entire pagan community waving this post like a fucking banner* THANK YOU.

Just a little addendum: Mugwort can be dangerous due to mildly psychoactive properties in the herb. Use with caution and avail yourself of the following list of free-use alternatives:

  • Basil (any kind, noting that Sweet Basil smells the best)
  • Sage (any type, but keep in mind that White Sage is becoming endangered)
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Cedar Tips or Shavings
  • Thyme (especially Lemon)

This literally makes me delightfully happy but it also wants to make me smack every person who didn’t take the time to learn this and instead just took something from Native Americans. (then proceeded to whine about not having alternatives when you were told NO)

The ancient Greek term is θυμιατεύω or thumiateuo which is usually translated as “fumigate”. The Latin is suffire, which is usually translated the same. Both mean to cleanse with incense smoke.

Tell me your thoughts?

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