most houses in texas don’t even have basements







wait don’t y’all have tornadoes down there like, a lot??? Where do y’all hunker down when you have one?

I mean I assume you do like us in the Midwest and first go out and sit on the porch and look for it, but if one looks like it’s bearing down with murderous intent we all scurry down to the basement to Not Die, where do y’all hole up?

Can’t answer for the Texans specifically, but most people I know in Oklahoma have a dedicated storm shelter; either as something within the garage, or a small concrete pre-fabbed shelter that they bury in your yard, like below.

There are apparently above-ground shelters too, and I know at least one family who uses it to store canned goods. 

Ahhh ok that makes sense.

As a former Texan, I can say with certainty we just die

…is Texas ok. Like, just in general.

According to my husband, who is from Texas, they tell people to hunker down in their bathtubs. At least in the part where he’s from.

Tell me your thoughts?

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