Plauntie, a few years ago I moved from Iowa to Ohio, and every day I have to live with Ohioans thinking they know shit about corn. Ohioans don’t know shit about corn. They act like that’s all their is to their state is corn and racism but they also have the unfortunate buckeyes fans and a seething hatred of Michigan, why aren’t they happy with that? Why must they base their personalities around the baseless idea that they know about corn how much more will they take from Iowa?






Shhh, don’t give away the secret. We let them think that because otherwise they’re just left with the crushing ennui of living in Ohio.

As an Iowan living in wisconsin I Feel This In My Soul.

(I had salty tags but I thought better of them)

A few years ago we were out in Pennsylvania visiting Kev’s uncle and aunt and they proudly made sweet corn they claimed was fresh AND YET I could tell it was Not, but didn’t have the heart to tell them.

It came wrapped in plastic on a Styrofoam tray.

(For those of you who don’t know, the traditional place to get fresh sweet corn in Iowa is either ‘from the garden’ or ‘from the side of the road out the back of a beat up old pickup truck where a farmer’s disinterested teenage kid is selling sweet corn picked that morning for something like $5 per dozen ears.’)

during peak sweet corn season, my grandma used to put a pot of water to heat on the stove, and when it was boiling she’d yell out the kitchen window at my grandpa, who would quickly harvest some ears of corn from their garden plot and shuck them directly into the boiling water. 

they considered anything less fresh to be subpar

And they were correct.

Only Ohioans who didn’t grow up in the rural bits or in the city don’t know fresh corn. Or else those who lack a green thumb entirely.

I am from northeast Ohio. Unless we grew it in our own garden or got it from the farm down the road, or the farmer’s market, we don’t consider it fresh. Lol.

Tell me your thoughts?

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