Power in the Silence

Dreaming of the darkness, Twisting so high above, so far below
there’s a spark screaming from within, underneath the skin
Time to let it sleep, tell me that it was real and could not heal,
even as I am staring far down into it’s very soul.
It is my own.

You have no answer for the blackness you see in the edge,
I dangle between for the fear of and anger at you,
There’s nothing left to give or need , as I bleed
Don’t you know you’ve sown the seed of my every dread
and I will never let you drown me

Drawn into the madness, the insanity of those eyes,
Twisting with the anger, the fires deep within my bones,
I am singed by the thoughts of your words, never forgotten
They drive my hands, my lips to do what they have.
Actions I can’t forgive, things I can never take back.

Reaching for the webs of my memories,
Strewn about like broken glass, along the path
Even I can see, even I can breathe,
Though it’s far to late to be going back
and I simply withdraw further in.

Then it breaks from the shell, the mask crumbles apart
Unleashing every ounce of power, quickly rising higher,
Broken free from the cage of my own design,
and tearing down the fear, to replace with strength
and tears unleashed in the moment, silence all those fears.

  • written by @stubbornbudgie
  • Fly free, my soul sings the words for me, There’s nothing quite like that high, when your feeling so low, Rise out from the shadows of your deepest violence, and give in instead to the peace of the endless silence. I am my self once more – Let my heart ring!

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