SAFE Space – What I mean/What that means for You

I have absolutely no problem blocking you or your blog, if you’re found to be harmful. And, that is Whether harmful to me directly or to the community, at large, or even to my followers, in general. I will also gladly report you, as needed.

My blog is a safe space, or meant to be, for me,  as well, as for my followers. This blog supports POC, Ingenious/Natives, LGBTQA+, and anyone else who may come by, provided you keep hatred, racism, and appropriation away from here. 

If you need to or want to, feel free to DM/message me, if someone is a problem, or if I re-blog content from someone who is. I will happily block them and/or remove said content, as well as any other necessary steps. 

I am a blog meant for adults, ie. those who are 18+, but most of my content is safe for work

The only exceptions are typically art – related posts, where I share work in progress of the figures being drawn, ie. the bodies to show the poses before adding in clothes added on later. It’s just my art process, for humanoid characters. Sometimes I share blank poses/bases so people can practice figures / make art of their own with them. 

NOTE: Anything not safe for work is tagged NSFW, so feel free to filter those posts out as needed via blocking that tag.

written by // @stubbornbudgie

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