Screenshots from my old game, To Think. (See above)

Things I am already aware of:
o The character sprite disappears as the story progresses and then reappears.
o The text box doesn’t fit the buttons inside.
o It is very short, as this was intended as a test originally.

Original credits (including my old username/organization name) are on the main menu’s screen.


Title: To Think
type: kinetic novel
Reading time: 10 minutes or so
Recommended Item to Have: 1 small mirror
Word Count: Under 250 words (243 words, total)

The story is told through ‘the narrator’ – Ruri – who leads you through the short little story. The narrator, who happens to be named Ruri, will explain you’ve undergone some changes. This is where the mirror will come in. It actually asks the reader to check themselves for a few things using the mirror. Perhaps eye color, perhaps not. You would have to read and see. It continues on from there.

Choose to figure out the mystery of what the truth is behind it.
Or, choose not to participate in it at all.
It’s all up to you.

DOWNLOAD COUNT TO DATE: 1,216 downloads (as of May 24th, 2015) , 14 of which were on thus far.

Note: downloads now closed.

game by @stubbornbudgie

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