Story Time

Story time – I had pre-ordered a book back in June 17th. Which, wasn’t due to arrive until October 13th. I didn’t mind the wait, since it was by all means, a pre-order, meaning the book wasn’t released yet, publicly, but you could buy a copy ahead of time, for when it shipped/released. 

The problem was – I made the mistake of ordering from Walmart, which we have nicknamed the Evil Empire.- But that’s another story. – Anyway, so October rolls around on the 13th, and no book arrives. Which, I call that night to the customer service about. 

Here in becomes the annoyance a bit. They tell me they shipped the book, but it was lost in transportation/shipping. I ask if they can replace it. – No, they say, because it is currently out of stock. So they proceed to give me a coupon, if i should choose to have a future order with them. We leave the order alone, they asked me to wait a week to see if it arrives anyway. 

I call back a week later, as still, no book has arrived. I get customer service on the phone once more, the book is still out of stock. This time, they canceled the order, since its’ not able to be re-ordered, apologize for the inconvenience, and supposedly, issue a refund for the order. This was okay, as at least we weren’t losing the money, and once I got the refund, I could, at the least, have ordered from somewhere else.

Another week passes, no refund or book. – I call customer service once more. This time, they tell me the refund has been issued but don’t know why I haven’t received it. they also put me on a notification for when the item will be back in stock. they ask me to wait five days, then call back if still no refund. five business days mind you. I am okay with this. as long as we get the refund.

Five days pass, no refund. no book. I call yet again. – This time, they claim since the order was canceled, – that there was no charge in the first place to refund. I’m upset, because they clearly didn’t give the order or the refund either and it’s been an annoyance of a long wait, and it’s November at this point. 

Literally the next day, the book arrives in the mail via Fed- EX. I am happy I got the book, but the process was ridiculous. 

Tell me your thoughts?

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