StubbornBudgie [Discord Server] – [ server invite Link ]

StubbornBudgie [Discord Server]

Server Run by Ciera Hoover [ @stubbornbudgie ] & Alden Leday [ @shadowmooncat​ ]

Hey, there! I’m starting up a small discord server, where artists and bloggers alike can join in on the fun. I’ve found that often those interested in witchcraft, dabble in a bit of both the spiritual and the mundane, so I thought it would be wonderful to start a server that allows for both to be enjoyed. 

Please be aware there are some basic guidelines and rules for this chat. 

  • respect your fellow members
  • try to be supportive of one another, we are inclusive rather than exclusive any bullying, harassment,  or hatred will not be tolerated and will result in a ban
  • Cussing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum.
  • for ages 13+ 

Thanks for taking a look!

Tell me your thoughts?

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