trigger warning: self harm/suicide referenced, but no details; sharing as a positive thing overcome, just to note ; 

– I just realized it’s been nearly 8 years since I’ve last tried to self harm, but only 3 years since I got released from the physical therapy/recovery of overcoming the consequences of trying for so many years to end my life. I’m someone who survived, whether i meant to at the time or not. 

But I am thankful for having survived. I am thankful for the support of my partner/hubby and his family, for their love and support in more ways than I ever thought i deserved, that i can have my cat and enjoy having a pet to care for and love on , that I’m finally feeling like a person and not some worthless thing thing that didn’t deserve to be human. I am sharing this because times can be really hard, people will break you. hell you’ll break yourself worse than any scar. 

But you can overcome these things to be yourself, to accept yourself and love who you are, not just the what or how or what you can do. you’ll even find yourself loving those too. it is true, you can’t go through life without the one side or the other, but you deserve your happiness. you deserve your freedom. you deserve to be yourself and loved as yourself. Do it for the you ; that you knew all along was there but didn’t feel you could be. survive and be you.

Tell me your thoughts?

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