Tarot Myths ✨

❌ Real tarot readers are never wrong

You are probably going to be wrong sometimes and your predictions might not come true, especially when you’re just learning how to read for yourself. It’s completely okay. Reflect on what you might have done wrong and learn from it. Don’t stress yourself about it. 

❌ You need to get an official tarot deck

No deck is better than the other. And there is also no superior or ‘official’ deck. You can use whatever set of cards you want, you can even create your own, it is all about the reader at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your deck is. But also don’t support anyone stealing any artist’s design!

You shouldn’t read for others if you aren’t confident/qualified enough

Reading for others might actually be easier because your personal emotions aren’t getting involved. Now, I definitely wouldn’t charge clients if I wasn’t confident on giving a good quality reading, but reading for your friends is essentially harmless and great practise.

Tarot decks have to be gifted

Definitely not. I know that it is a tradition for some to receive their first tarot deck from their elders. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your own cards. And you really don’t have to be afraid about the deck becoming any less magical or special.

❌ Having more tarot and oracle decks makes you a better reader

This is kind of a no-brainer but I wanted to mention it anyways. It doesn’t matter how many or what kind of cards you use. Having hundred different oracle and tarot decks doesn’t make you a good reader. 

You need a certificate to become a professional tarot reader

There are many different certifications you can get. You usually go through a course and at the end you have to pass an exam or give a reading. I find these so unnecessary. Most professional and good quality tarot readers don’t have any certificates. Tarot is a life-long study and getting a certificate doesn’t make you any better. Also, please don’t pick a reader based on their certification.

There is a one right way of interpreting each card

Everyone interprets the cards differently and that’s absolutely okay! It is actually very important to learn what the cards mean for you and to understand how to use that for different questions and situations.

There’s no need to read reversals

I know that some of you might have a different opinion on this. When I first started with tarot, I also didn’t read reversals but later on realised how significant they are. If the card clearly comes out reversed, it wants to be read in that way

Tell me your thoughts?

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