Thank you sooo much for this opportunity! Im Rose and I’m currently having a very hard time. My mental health is not good. I’m being forced to do things that I don’t want to do and having trouble sleeping. Can you please tell me what the Universe is trying to tell me at the moment?

Hi, there, Rose. Sorry that you’re having a hard time with it.

  • The card that was drawn: 2 of Cups (position – Upright)
  • deck used: Tarot Draconis

The Reading:

Take the compromise you’re hesitant against – especially one that benefits you – even if you’re reluctant due to who’s offering it. Some measure of hesitation is doing more harm than good to you at the moment and I feel the resistance you’ve put up is doing less to guard you and more making you less likely to reach for the help you’re wishing for. Keeping it all to yourself, or bottling the true manner of things, without being honest for fear of the consequences is what’s harming you here. Speak up and voice your needs, even if it means going outside your comfort to lose someone’s friendship. 

Tell me your thoughts?

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