the fact lo persephone’s “dark side” is just a double personality actually makes her a worse character. it not only is a terrible read on mental illnesses (is it bipolar disorder? because i know people with it and they dont black out into murderous rages) but it also is only there so on a technicality persephone cant be at fault for any wrong doing, but also shows she cant be allowed to be mature and make her own choices. She is not allowed to grow or mature beyond being horny i guess.



Idk if it’s bipolar disorder since I don’t know much about it but I agree

Her “dark side” is basically a scapegoat for whenever she does something wrong.

It’s more comparable to Hollywood’s understanding (misunderstanding) of dissociative identity disorder, or the common interpretation of Jekyll and Hyde. The sort that people use in writing when they don’t want their characters to be held at fault for whatever their “evil second personality” does. Sorry for hijacking your ask.

Tell me your thoughts?

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