Three Ring Binder for BOS

The advantages and disadvantages of using a three-ring binder as a “book of shadows”.

NOTES – this is something i wrote based on my experience and in my own grimoires.

Pluses / Advantages:

  • – This is (arguably) one of the fastest ways to create a complete book of shadows
  • – The contents can be easily shuffled, rearranged, and added to.
  • – Pages can be easily removed and put in another binder, which is especially important when your book gets too big to handle or too full.
  • – Notes can be easily added in the margins.
  • – Extra storage for loose pages if your binder has pockets.
  • – Printed Copies and handwritten pages  can both be used.
  • – It’s very easy to use.
  • – Can be customized by painting or using covers, or other means of decorating.
  • – Multiple binders can be used for different topics or purposes.
  • – takes the least amount of work to add to and update

Minuses / Disadvantages:

  • – Three ring binders are generally a bit generic looking. Though there are ways around that.
  • – Binders are always a bit big and a little unwieldy.
  • – They do Not always fit easily on book shelves or in one’s hands during ritual, if using.
  • Pages tear easily, if they are not in a page protector.

written by Ciera H. @stubbornbudgie

Tell me your thoughts?

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