To My Friends and Visitors

You’re human, first and foremost, in my eyes. Whatever struggles, troubles, or otherwise life you’re facing, this will not change. I see you. I will listen, if you choose to speak, or sit in silence, if you choose to not. I feel the best I can do, as a fellow person, is to remind you , you’re you. No matter what mistakes are made, change is possible. And, I love all the likenesses and differences, that us, human – and unique.

That said, I am not about to sit idly by, as some of you are act of hatred, misinformed, or out of racism. You can judge me, thoroughly, when and if, you understand that I won’t tolerate such things here. Call me out on it, if I do such behaviors , myself, too. I want to change, if I do.

We only have this one world. It’s time we remember it’s one community, because we are all human.

written by @stubbornbudgie​ // image credit: [ x

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