Various Things You Can Put in a Grimoire

Ritual Extras

  • Supplementary materials in a book of shadows that has meaning for you and can be used at a moment’s notice in various rituals.

Calls and Charges

  • A call is an invitation to an deity (or spirit) to attend a ritual, and it’s a part of some witch rites. Charges are good to use in place of a call, if the mood strikes. (The word charge is actually an old masonic term and refers to a set of instructions.)

Others things you can note in your Grimoire:

  • Poetry
  • Mythology
  • Languages
  • Chants
  • Dances
  • Altars
  • Rules
  • Tools
  • Witch Words/Terms (List and/or meanings)

Witch word examples:

  • Athame ( a knife used for rituals or spells)
  • Mabon (Autumn Equinox / Sabbat , as of the 1970′s)
  • Cowan (from free masonry) – ( means a non – witch)


  • Many witches connect with particular deities and god – forms and will often dedicate a part of their “book of shadows” or grimoires to these goddesses or gods.
  • You might include information on your relationship with a particular deity , such as when they first approached you (or vice versa). and what that means to you.


  • The history of you, your practice, your coven, etc.

Familiars and Pets

  • Pets, and spiritual familiars as well.
  • Record what they’ve brought to your life
  • When they entered / exited
  • and what they’ve taught to you


  • magick
  • spells / spell work

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