Welcome to Stubborn Budgie, a little Discord community for Artists and Creators to come together, hang out, and grow, while we create what we love to make.

Discord Server Invite Link -> https://discord.gg/drZrSfT6Gb


  • Various channels for sharing a little bit of everything, including but not limited to, discussions of Art & Crafts, Blogging, Life in General, Shows and Series, Gaming, Witchcraft & Spirit work, and more!
  • We have the pluralkit bot for those of systems to use; we are system/alter friendly!
  • Offers a Livestream / Video sharing channel for those who make their own videos and streams.
  • We do have a channel for you to advertise your commissions, to try to encourage others to check out your work!
  • No activity requirements beyond taking part when you’re able. You will never be kicked just for inactivity!
  • BlackList channel is available for naming triggers, so they can be taken into consideration and/or censored with warnings and hidden under spoilers as needed.
  • Topic of the Day channel to encourage or inspire you to take part.
  • Search feature/channel offered for when trying to find information on a topic.
  • LGBTQA+ & BIPOC friendly.
  • and more!

We are a small, laid back server, that is meant to be a safe space for all community members who take part in it. We’re looking to grow and hope you’ll try us out by joining and taking a look!

run by @stubbornbudgie & @shadowmooncat

Tell me your thoughts?

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