Banishing Meditation/Visualization

Here’s a meditation/visualization you can do for banishing — Sit somewhere comfortable and relax.

Close your eyes.

In your mind’s eye, see a blazing white fire. This fire burns so hot that it instantly burns anything it touches so fast and so thoroughly that not even the memory of the thing remains.

Bring to mind the thing you want to banish. Focus on it for a few moments.

Imagine that you grab the memory and bring it in front of you in the form of a photograph.

See yourself tearing up and crumbling the photograph.

Throw it in the blazing white fire and see it instantly burn completely.

If what you’re trying to banish is something you’ve spent a lot of energy on (whether worrying about it or trying to push it away etc), you can see tendrils of pure white energy being released from the fire towards you. See this energy going into your body and empowering you. This is the energy and power you gave this negative thing, and it’s now purified and has returned back to you.

Tell me your thoughts?

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