Cleansing Methods

You’ve heard it over and over again from other witches: Cleanse before a spell or reading! Cleanse after a spell or reading! Cleanse gifts you get! Cleanse everything! But what’s cleansing? – To keep it simple, cleansing is magic cleaning. Do you know how everything gets a layer of dust on it when you don’t pick it up or move it for a while? That’s what energy is like, so you need to cleanse to get rid of that magic dust. (quote thanks to @jasper-pagan-witch )


  • Smoke/fire/incense cleansing: This is the most recommended version, often including candles, herbs, or incense. (Note: This is a terrible one to do if you or another person have weak lungs, or trouble with pets, who might be affected by them.. Use caution. Pets can knock them over and have trouble with certain scents) You could also end up discoloring a room because of the smoke. 
  • Light: Most commonly referring to sunlight and moonlight, this is one of the safest methods of cleansing – just pull back the curtains and let it in! Alternatively, you could visualize light, or use a flashlight if you have difficulties visualizing. However, overexposure to sunlight can cause fading in crystals, tarot cards, and other pigmented tools.
  • Water: While water is often enchanted to become sun or moon water, literally all water can be used for cleansing because it’s water. I would not recommend this for tarot cards or most types of crystals – tarot cards can warp when exposed to even a light sprinkling of water and many types of crystals either break down in the water or are toxic and transfer that to the water they’re in.
  • Sound: This can be anything from some video you found on YouTube to bells to something else. While I admittedly don’t know much about this since I don’t do it. I do believe that the most dangerous thing about this cleansing method is that you might get a headache.
  • Soil: So you can bury things (mainly crystals) to cleanse them with the energy of the earth. I’m gonna be honest, this is one of the weirdest methods I’ve seen. If you have a specific part of your yard/garden marked for this purpose, go ahead. Alternatively, you could have a box or bowl of dirt for cleansing too.
  • Crystals: The main crystals that are used for cleansing are amethyst, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, selenite, rose quartz, and any other quartz you can think of. This might not be good for things that need a softer cleansing method to prevent scratches/destruction (soft stones, herbs, things like that). A bunch of crystals self-cleanse too!
  • Salt: Beyond regular salt, there are also tons of other kinds that you can make (with instructions no further than a quick Google Search). While this is a common cleansing method, it should be known that a bunch of softer tools can be damaged by salt, particularly crystals of many varieties.
  • Sweeping: You can just…take a broom or similar tool enchanted to cleanse…and sweep it over your things. There is the “everything might get lost” risk, but beyond that, I don’t see too many problems with this method.
  • Sorting and/or shuffling: This is solely about cards. You sort them into their original order, then shuffle them. You can also shuffle before, during, and after a card reading to “reset” the deck. The shuffling method is the most common and can be used most often. Sorting and shuffling takes a lot more energy and can be used only on occasion.
  • Fresh air: Just take your tools outside! Open a window! Let them breathe! Beyond the wind sweeping them away, there’s not much risk to this method!

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