I just realized because of how fucked up the us is a 2000 dollar stimulus would actually have been disasterous for disabled people

a direct deposit of 2000 dollars would be just enough to get every single disabled person in the us kicked off of social security, and system is so stacked against us that it can take years to get back on and that’s when the system ISNT currently being flooded by literally every disabled person trying to get back on at once.

Hey, government worker here who works in aid eligiblity! Please don’t worry about this. Any stimulus checks you recieve from the government are NOT counted as income, and will not effect either your SSD or SSI status. They also will not effect your SNAP or TA/PA status. The checks are not counted as income at all, and will not disqualify you from your services, regardless of how much you are awarded or how often. For those not utilizing services, stimulus checks should not be declared on your taxes.

This applies to stimulus checks only! UIB and PUA are still counted as income, including any additional FAC amount that may be approved in the future. So please tell your worker if you begin recieving UIB.

Not to make this a soap box but- McConnell can suck it. The American people have been given $1800 total for 10 months which is completely unacceptable. That’s an allowance of $180/month which falls under 100% of the federal poverty level. That’s “emergency expedite” low income levels! A person living off of $180/month would qualify for the highest possible SNAP benefits, full Medicaid, federal guided discounts on their electric and phone bills, and if they were a senior, would qualify for MSP and EPIC, which have the lowest income guidelines of any aid program out there. For more perspective-To put someone above the federal emergency poverty guidelines (150%) would mean an income of at least $17k a year. That’s $1400/month.

Pah. Let me put this in perspective for folks, as someone who’s sole monthly income is based around SSI. 

For reference: I am legally disabled, and, as such, qualified before age 22. (I’m currently 31). – In 2008, when I was first accepted into the SSI program, I received $623 a month, (I was 18 at the time). As of January 2021, my SSI has increased over the years, to the amount of $794 a month. (in 2020, I was receiving $783 a month). 

  • 2008 – that was $7,476 for the entire year.
  • 2020 – that was $9,396 for the entire year
  • 2021 – $9,528 is what it will be for the entire year

That’s less then $10,000 a year, and yes, that’s average for most folks who aren’t married and on Social Security for income. Some get less or more, but for my state, which is Ohio, that’s what we get. (And yes, I’ve talked about this with others who I know who also get either SSI or SSDI).  

Americans don’t just struggle with a skewed system just because of things like stimulus, our government expects us to somehow survive on low income like this, and consider it “good enough.” And, you’ll wonder why low income folks complain about it?

Tell me your thoughts?

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