Welcome to Stubborn Budgie, a little Discord community for Artists and Creators to come together, hang out, and grow, while we create what we love to make. Discord Server Invite Link -> https://discord.gg/drZrSfT6Gb Features: Various channels for sharing a little bit of everything, including but not limited to, discussions of Art & Crafts, Blogging, LifeContinue reading

Today is Alden’s Birthday! (April 15th) – We made this video during it. Check it out as we update you on our life, and show off some of our recent item hauls/gifts. Also, our roof updates, room, and other fun things!   Join us on our discord – https://discord.gg/drZrSfT6Gb/ (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

StubbornBudgie [Discord Server]

https://discord.gg/drZrSfT6Gb – [ server invite Link ] StubbornBudgie [Discord Server] Server Run by Ciera Hoover [ @stubbornbudgie ] & Alden Leday [ @shadowmooncat​ ] Hey, there! I’m starting up a small discord server, where artists and bloggers alike can join in on the fun. I’ve found that often those interested in witchcraft, dabble in a bitContinue reading “StubbornBudgie [Discord Server]”

Join the RoostOwls’ Coven Discord Server!

Join the RoostOwls’ Coven Discord Server! Welcome to the server, RoostOwls. – We are a coven-based community, where we  encourage each other to contribute and take part, to the server, and, as well, help each other as we’re able, or when we can, to try to help us all continue to learn and grow asContinue reading “Join the RoostOwls’ Coven Discord Server!”

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