Awakening, suddenly aware of being in a confined space, not a lot of room to move around in. The sensation of three objects, heavy, crystal like being placed into my hands. Their weight brings about the sense of an intense responsibility. I can feel their importance in the back of my mind, along with theirContinue reading “Dream”

Treated ourselves just before Christmas Eve to get my hubby, @shadowmooncat the crow figurine. The dragon backflow incense burner is for us both. It came with a free pack of cone incense I got to pick the scent of. We chose Sandalwood. I also bought some Dragons blood scented cones.

toebeens: jes-a-bes: its-just-aaron: iguanamouth: coldfruit123: iguanamouth: forbidden knowledge Can we see this frame by frame?Please and thank you. Yes Here Are All The Frames THAT IS NOT WHAT WAS ASKED FOR How dare you hide this in the notes wow that last comment really does deserve to be front and center, it’s perfect @iguanamouth –Continue reading

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