Shadow work – the Problem with “Be Happy” in your opinion

Just let yourself be you, whether that’s happy, sad, or mad, or any other range of emotions. Your emotions do not define you, they can merely influence your actions, because your letting your thoughts create those emotions. Your in control of when those emotions can be stopped, when your feeling some kind of way, becauseContinue reading “Shadow work – the Problem with “Be Happy” in your opinion”


it’s okay to have times when you feel more negative. you don’t have to be positive all the time. no matter what society says otherwise. it’s not even healthy to focus on one over the other. the reason you feel so at war, is cause you focus too much on one side. it’s okay toContinue reading “Emotion”


“In the chest of us all lies the glow of light or darkness Here lies the fire of each man’s heart Here is the fire that burns brightly And not always quietly It will go out in a blink of an eye Yet holds strong against the wind for most For some, it is takenContinue reading “Soulfire”

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