Health update

tw: weight/weight loss/health talk ¬† – I’ve been actively working on losing weight/getting healthier. iin recent years (along with under doctor’s advisement and all) – at my heaviest, I was like 495 lbs.. – I kind of am feeling very proud of my progress, so far and all, as just as of today, i weighContinue reading “Health update”

Shingles Update

It isn’t as bad as it could have been, i heard others who don’ t get it checked the first time, and all, have flares ups that are worse spread, but it’s definitely more sore and painful that i ever would have guessed. you just feel tender and every time you move, you feel achesContinue reading “Shingles Update”

I found this old photo of myself today. So, I wanted to share a little bit of my story/journey with you all, which is relative to this.  Around the time this photo was taken, I was weighed around 415 lbs. It was also around mid Р2016. I had been actively trying to work onContinue reading

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