unfashionablehousewife: Hi, full fucking offence but: The point of older and / or better researched, more historically oriented practitioners pointing out the historical inaccuracies in modern lay information, and pressuring people to learn the legitimate academic history of their religion and its traditions, isn’t to say “you can’t practice them because they’re not ancient; you’re justContinue reading

little-witch-aster: little-witch-aster: Online Tarot and Pendulum Readings Hello everyone! I’m going to start offering online tarot and pendulum readings. I have more than two years of experience with tarot and a little over a year with pendulum. In order to reserve a reading just send me a message here or through discord. I’ll give youContinue reading

Moon glyphs by Revarick on DeviantArt

Moon glyphs by Revarick on DeviantArt Here is the original artist and the original work link of the Moon Glyphs.  By revarick on Deviantart  original work is [ here ] I’ve had it up to here with people not doing their research. If any of you see a post including “Moon Glyphs” as runes orContinue reading “Moon glyphs by Revarick on DeviantArt”

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