Tin of Stickers

I kept this big tin can that used to have like hot cocoa in it; and i filled it with stickers I’ve been buying /collecting for different moods. so now when I journal and such, i can either collage my emotions with stickers or do things like, put one i associate with the writing/emotion besideContinue reading “Tin of Stickers”

We went to the local carnival that gets set up in the parking lot at the mall. Yesterday on Friday. Picked up an elephant ear and funnel cake. Along with some fresh lemonade they made on site. We also played a dart game and won a stuffed Husky plush. Lol. The photos are from whenContinue reading


“In the chest of us all lies the glow of light or darkness Here lies the fire of each man’s heart Here is the fire that burns brightly And not always quietly It will go out in a blink of an eye Yet holds strong against the wind for most For some, it is takenContinue reading “Soulfire”

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