shadowmooncat: Happy Valentines day Love! Happy Valentines day honey. I really love you hun with all my heart and more. Your more sweeter than candy! Im happy your mine and glad to be yours forever sweetheart. Love love love you sweetie! thanks for all you do for me. Forever and ever yours hun. I cantContinue reading

Gentle Love

-Lyrics- Edge of sleep and edge of dreamsPeaceful things are what you seekNo more harm and no more painNo more tears tonight. There is dark and there is light.Wrapped up in those arms so tight.Whispers stop and breezes sweet,And you search for warmth Tell me, tell me,Someone pleaseCan I ever feel this free?When my eyesContinue reading “Gentle Love”

Heart’s Calling

Feel the sway of that nameless song coursing in your veins. Magic in the air we breathe, setting fire like our hearts. Drift and dream along the edge of sanity and reason – Break apart those great old walls, that kept you apart from feeling. You can’t deny the course of the sun nor theContinue reading “Heart’s Calling”

To You

I won’t start out with thank you, as I’ve thanked you many times. I won’t start out with I love you, though you know I do in every way. Instead, I want you to know I am happy for your patience, for your time you spend with me. I am happy for your smiles, andContinue reading “To You”

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