Sweet Love

CHORUS: Sweet Love There’s something I just cannot place, about the way you draw me closer, It’s the way you hold my hand so tight, in the way that makes every moment light. VERSE 1 Scent like a candy cane, mint in my mouth as I giggle away, Twisting my hand, to pull me closer,Continue reading “Sweet Love”

Gentle Love

-Lyrics- Edge of sleep and edge of dreamsPeaceful things are what you seekNo more harm and no more painNo more tears tonight. There is dark and there is light.Wrapped up in those arms so tight.Whispers stop and breezes sweet,And you search for warmth Tell me, tell me,Someone pleaseCan I ever feel this free?When my eyesContinue reading “Gentle Love”

tumblr_qawpcqEFTZ1ycct36o1-1 song/vocals by @omgwitcherry – Ciera Hoover. I both sang and wrote the lyrics of this song. This is the raw / rough draft, and my first attempt at figuring out it’s tune while singing it for the first time. Bear with me as I work on it more. Lyrics are below.  The song isContinue reading

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