Sweet Love

CHORUS: Sweet Love There’s something I just cannot place, about the way you draw me closer, It’s the way you hold my hand so tight, in the way that makes every moment light. VERSE 1 Scent like a candy cane, mint in my mouth as I giggle away, Twisting my hand, to pull me closer,Continue reading “Sweet Love”

music ramble I have figured out that my music playlist of songs I like (created on youtube) has a combined total of more hours of music then I could possibly fit in to listen to in a 24 hour timeframe, even if i listened to the music for the full day. ie. i wouldn’t beContinue reading

Burning-beat_2-1 The music I thought I submitted last time. Lol Credit me as Ciera Hoover – @stubbornbudgie Yes! I made this. And yes, it’s free to use! License: Creative Commons – Attribution  Download it here: [ OpenGameART ]

Burning20Within2028Audio2920-20mp3-1 Copyright/Attribution Notice: Please credit me as Ciera Hoover – Link to @stubbornbudgie  You can download from here – [OpenGameArt] license: Creative Commons – Attribution 

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