trigger warning: self harm/suicide referenced, but no details; sharing as a positive thing overcome, just to note ;¬† – I just realized it’s been nearly 8 years since I’ve last tried to self harm, but only 3 years since I got released from the physical therapy/recovery of overcoming the consequences of trying for so manyContinue reading


Awakening, suddenly aware of being in a confined space, not a lot of room to move around in. The sensation of three objects, heavy, crystal like being placed into my hands. Their weight brings about the sense of an intense responsibility. I can feel their importance in the back of my mind, along with theirContinue reading “Dream”

Moon glyphs by Revarick on DeviantArt

Moon glyphs by Revarick on DeviantArt Here is the original artist and the original work link of the Moon Glyphs.¬† By revarick on Deviantart¬† original work is [ here ] I’ve had it up to here with people not doing their research. If any of you see a post including “Moon Glyphs” as runes orContinue reading “Moon glyphs by Revarick on DeviantArt”

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